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The Organization for Empowerment and Support (OFEAS) is a non-profit organization founded in 2022 by women in Homa Bay, Kenya, aiming to help vulnerable people worldwide. OFEAS was created to address the revenging effects of HIVAIDS that have left elderly people and orphans without care, and to help farmers and local communities cope with the impact of climate change. OFEAS currently works in areas where community development, poverty reduction, and gender equality interact with old people and children. OFEAS has created programs in over 5 counties throughout Kenya through their system of healthy relationships, such as a children’s home where orphans receive shelter, education, and feeding programs. The organization aims to expand their collaborations and worldwide networks to improve the effectiveness of their efforts in assisting vulnerable children around the world. OFEAS is financed by personal sources and well-wishers, and its main objective is to meet its vision.

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Our vision is to address climate change, drug abuse, environmental conservation, human rights campaigns, health, hunger, poverty, emergency and sustainable water and environmental management as well as sustainable peace in the communities.


Our mission in Kenya is to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable people through peace, justice, and environmental development. We promote access to safe water, sanitation, hygiene, and sustainable livelihoods, quality education, protection from violence, and climate change initiatives. We aim to reduce drug abuse and crime while providing counseling and support for healthy and productive lives. We support the UN’s mission to end poverty and promote resilience.

Our Core Values

OFEAS - Faith Atieno

- Faith Atieno - Founder OFEAS

OFEAS - Co-Founder

- Domnick Lucy Co-Founder OFEAS

Meet The Founder

Being a native of Homabay County where infestation of HIV/AIDS and varied inhumane acts like heinous killing of citizens, and fishermen continue to take shape albeit policy formulation and legislation. AS Organization for Empowerment and Support – OFEAS, we focus mainly on the indigenous community of the Abasuba, whose rich culture is eroding slowly, being sidelined at the national and regional development agenda by dominance ethnic groups like the luos is a pertinent issue we seek to address. Climate change induced challenges combined with HIV/AIDS effect have not been addressed in these localities, we still have many orphans dropping out of school, their properties being looted and the children left to wonder on the streets. I therefore believe that there is need to support these communities to cope with the exacerbated impact of climate change. Yes, there are numerous NGOs, but their programming impacts are not research issue based. The human trafficking, child labour, molestation of the elderly people and lack of well-orchestrated capacity development of the community to cope with the impacts of climate change across have remain unattended to. As an upbeat humanitarian Actor, policy advisor, strategist and adept researcher, I feel compelled that there is a gap that must be fulfilled. We therefore appeal to all our stakeholders to invest heavily in Suba and with this organization to help raise a people with dignity for there is hope.


Statement from FAITH the CED Our intervention as a women led organization focuses on the six pillars as outline on the thematic areas. We seek to support communities to believe in themselves and have dignity. The abasuba community is endowed with numerous resources cutting across talents to the Lake Victoria. We as the women of the abasuba community thought of coming together for our people and the community. Issues that addresses the challenges of Women, young girls, people with disability and the LGBTQ+ community have not been dealt with, this has presented a gap that should be addressed. There is increased human trafficking especially women and children, and this has been as a result of climate change induced challenges. This has affected the economic input of the community and made people live in fear. As a women led organization we appeal for support from all stakeholders to help us, support girls, women, elderly, the eroding culture of the abasuba, coping with impact of climate change among other issues. We thank those working with us and have continued to support our programmes.

They Need Your Help!

Your donation can provide clean water, education, and healthcare to people living in poverty.